Throwback of our BACKFORCE V Launch Event


The event in pictures.

In August last summer, we introduced the BACKFORCE V at our launch event at the Esport Factory in Osnarbrück, Germany: an ergonomic gaming chair for under 400 Euros - Made in Germany. We already wrote about the background of the BACKFORCE V gaming chair on our blog. Today we would like to show you the event again in pictures.


The first guests - and a few familiar faces - arrive.

The guests arrive at our Backforce V launch-event

The BACKFORCE V is meant to be a gaming chair for everyone. This is not only reflected in the lower price. We invited to our event everyone who helped us make this chair possible: From Esport Teams like BIG (with athletes like "Sephiblack" and "K1llsen", GamerLegion and Eintracht Spandau (a.o. Kevin Westphal), representatives of the trade press, like PCGH, BasicTutorials and Marco from Gaming-Stuhl.de, but also of course you: our customers and fans. All represented at our event.

What will our new chair be? An improved model, cheaper, or something completely different?

The shrouded Backforce V's lined up

When the guests arrived, they could only guess what our new chair will look like. For the event, all chairs were covered with a hood to keep the suspense alive - even though a few partners already knew.

Stefan, "Head of Backforce" Krumme, comes on stage.

Stefan Krumme,

Stefan Krumme, comes on stage and tells us about his dream of a cheaper BACKFORCE model. A gaming chair that should cost under 400 euros, but with the ergonomics of our previous chairs. Is that even doable? We play video we shot for the launch: starring Stefan himself and Björn Domschke, our product manager. Actually, we wanted to package the BACKFORCE V as an April Fool's joke. Unfortunately, we had to postpone the launch.

The clip is no less entertaining. You can watch it here: 

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Of course, it was: Stefan unveils the BACKFORCE V for the first time:

Stefan unveils the Backforce V

We broke new ground for the design of the BACKFORCE V. The V-shape gives the chair its name. Visually, the chair takes up less space than the BACKFORCE ONE and ONE PLUS. However, the relation to our previous chairs is undeniable. Both chairs have a few things in common: removable patches, an ergonomic backrest, 10-year warranty and on some partner models: Our familiar fold-away armrests.

A heated moment - even if it was only an act.

Christian Lenz enters the stage and confronts Stefan about our Eintrach Spandau Edition

When Stefan unveils the BACKFORCE V in the Eintracht Spandau Edition, Christian Lenz from BIG storms onto the stage. BIG and Eintracht Spandau are rivals, at least in their public perceptions. Both come from Berlin and fight over which "club" is the better one. We know, however, that it's a friendly rivalry, for the entertainment value. (Or is it?)


Be that as it may, BACKFORCE is all about the love of sports, so from our point of view, both teams deserve to sit in our high-quality gaming chairs! The situation on the stage could be quickly calmed down.


Of course, we made sure that nobody went home hungry.

Burgers at the Backforce V Launch Event

After the main event, it didn't take long until the food was served. There were burgers. Whether with meat or without: we made sure that there was something for everyone. Everyone used the time to talk to each other and try out the new chairs. In addition, one could also compete with the professional players from BIG in Quake or Tekken.


While most of us celebrated, Marco from Gaming-Stuhl.de already shot the first video about our new chair. You can watch it here(DE):

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Thank you for coming!

We are happy that our launch event was so well received. Thanks to everyone who came out that day and of course to the folks at Esport Factory. Of course, have a few things planned for 2023 that you can look forward to. Until then, we recommend you to follow our social media channels (links) and also check out our blog every now and then!

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