BACKFORCE V: Gaming chair made in germany under 400 euro?


BACKFORCE V, ergonomic gaming chair made in germany for under 400 euro

We celebrate together!

Today is a very special day for us, one that we have been working towards for a long time. Some of you already knew that we were working on a "successor". Actually, our new gaming chair was supposed to see the light of day much earlier: in spring as an April Fool's joke. We thought that no one would believe what we had prepared anyway! Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy. We were hit by several delays at once. Delays in tools being made especially for us and shortages of materials, to name a few. Fortunately, we were able to gradually solve all these circumstances. Now we can finally stop being so secretive!

BACKFORCE "V" - what?

Our new chair is called "BACKFORCE V". "V" as in "We". Because we want to make a chair for everyone. We know that our previous chair is simply not affordable enough for everyone - even though we believe that we already offer a gaming chair whose price-performance ratio is unique on the gaming market. An ergonomic design with high quality that is unparalleled among gaming chair manufacturers outside of Europe, at a price where other German manufacturers cannot compete. Our recipe for success: many years of experience and in-house production coupled with direct sales via our website. No distributor, no producer, or anyone else earns money from our chair, like with other manufacturers. This means that our chair has an exceptionally good price-performance ratio. The problem is that chairs made by competitors from low-wage countries can still be had for less money. Yes, they are often very simply constructed and therefore not particularly ergonomic. And yes, with the mechanisms, assemblies and materials used, one may wonder whether the chair is worth the money at all. Especially when you consider that the biggest cost factor is shipping - not the chair itself. But unfortunately this knowledge is of no use to anyone who simply cannot afford our chair. We want to change that: with the Backforce V, the first German-made gaming chair under 400 euro.

It seemed almost impossible

To produce a gaming chair for under 400 euro - in Germany. A seemingly impossible task. BACKFORCE is a brand of Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH und Co KG.

As a family-run company and the largest employer in the region, we have a social responsibility. We want our employees to feel good. We attach particular importance to occupational health and safety, offer various allowances and benefits and pay more than the statutory minimum wage. So there is no comparison with working conditions in other parts of the world. As a traditional company, we also have high standards for the quality of all our products. Using the cheapest manufacturing methods, or skimping on material? The result would not be a sustainable chair that we can stand behind with a clear conscience. Many cheaper production methods also make it more difficult to recycle them later on. Sustainability: another topic that is close to our hearts. As responsible seating experts, we always ensure that every chair meets all important ergonomic requirements and is produced as sustainably as possible. You can't do that with a chair made of steel rods and cheap mechanics, materials and processes that make it almost impossible to recycle the materials used. So how do you develop a chair for under 400 euro that meets all these criteria?

How we made it feasible

We took everything we learned from developing the BACKFORCE ONE and ONE PLUS and stripped it down to the essentials. We also listened to feedback from our community. The BACKFORCE V is part of the same productfamily as the BACKFORCE ONE and ONE PLUS and is fully compatible with our existing accessories. Even though this means we have fewer development costs, it is not enough to get the chair below the magic 400 euro mark. A major part of the cost of our gaming chairs is caused by shipping. The dimensions of our packaging are simply too big for DHL & Co. Through the initiative of our motivated employees, we have managed to fit a full-sized gaming chair into a shippable package. The solution was as simple as it was ingenious: with the BACKFORCE "V", the headrest is delivered separately - you can assemble it in just a few steps when the chair arrives. This saves us a lot on shipping costs. With all these measures, we can offer you a gaming chair that costs less than 400 euro and offers the same quality, ergonomics and responsible manufacturing in Germany as our previous Backforce models.

Not a BACKFORCE "Two", but an addition to the existing portfolio

Despite the lower price, the BACKFORCE V is a fully-fledged BACKFORCE chair. You can enjoy the same comfort you've come to expect from us. With the BACKFORCE V, too, you are optimally supported everywhere thanks to the integrated moulded wood plate in the backrest. You can create your own patches as well. We have tested the chair for the same weight as all our BACKFORCE chairs and give you the same 10-year warranty! The BACKFORCE V is not a downgrade, but a product for a different audience. We are breaking new ground with the "V" shape, which also gives the chair its name. The result is a unique design that takes up less space - although the BACKFORCE V's cheeky design language is anything but "restrained". To match, we have come up with new colour combinations, with complementary contrasts. Nevertheless, the BACKFORCE V fits seamlessly into our existing BACKFORCE portfolio: The accessories are compatible with each other among all our models. Instead of the illuminated Gamer-Pulse LED in the back of the chair, we supply the chair with a cover with a BACKFORCE logo. It doubles as a cover for the screws in the headrest. The armrests and cushions can be upgraded with our upgrade kits. This gives you an inexpensive entry without making the chair obsolete if you ever have different requirements for the chair. Because the parts are compatible with each other, the BACKFORCE V is ideal for anyone who already has a BACKFORCE in their household and would like a matching counterpart.


We are sure that there is a BACKFORCE chair for everyone now, with the BACKFORCE V.


The BACKFORCE V (starting at 399,- euro) is available from 22.08. in our online shop.

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