We deliver to Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Austria.

The following regions are remote zones, which we are unable to supply: https://www.interstuhl.com/docs/Remote_Area_List.pdf


Backforce-Stühle to Germany and Austria are delivered by our shipping partner GO! Express & Logistics after prior notification (by phone or email) personally to the first lockable door. In a multi-family house, this is the front door and not the apartment door.
For deliveries to other countries as well as all smaller packages (e.g., merchandise items, accessories, spare parts), we use DPD, DHL or FedEx.
Our standard delivery time in Germany is 2-5 business days. The exact delivery time is indicated on the product page for each individual item.


Shipping costs for chairs are already included in the respective country price.
Shipping costs for merchandise and accessories are charged once per order.
For third countries, handling costs are incurred for customs processing once per order.
Details can be found in the following overview:

Country transport costs for chairs Transport costs for accessories/merchandise articles Handling costs for customs processing
Germany inclusive 5,00 € -
Austria inclusive 7,90 € -
Switzerland inclusive 8,90 € 15,00 €
Belgium inclusive 7,90 € -
Luxembourg inclusive 7,90 € -
Netherlands inclusive 7,90 € -
Czech Republic inclusive 7,90 € -
Denmark inclusive 8,90 € -
France inclusive 10,90 € -
United Kingdom inclusive 12,90 € 15,00 €
Poland inclusive 18,90 € -
Italy inclusive 19,90 € -
Spain inclusive 20,90 € -
Ireland inclusive 20,90 € -
Portugal inclusive 20,90 € -
Norway inclusive 21,90 € 15,00 €
Finland inclusive 21,90 € -
Sweden inclusive 21,90 € -
All prices incl VAT


The buyer shall bear the direct costs involved in returning goods that can be sent in parcels.
The buyer shall also bear the direct costs involved in returning goods that cannot be sent in parcels.
For goods that can be sent in parcels, the customer chooses the shipping service provider of its choice. The costs for returning goods that can be sent in parcels can be calculated e.g. using the following shipping costs calculator:

DE: www.paketda.de
AT: www.paketcheck.at

AT: www.paketcheck.at The costs for returning goods that cannot be sent in parcels are estimated to be a maximum of approximately €200. The cost estimate relates to returning goods that cannot be sent in parcels from delivery zone 1. If necessary, the you can process the return of goods that cannot be sent in parcels via Interstuhl under these terms. You can find further information in our overview of the country zones:

Delivery zone Countries Return delivery costs for goods that cannot be sent in parcels (maximum estimate)
0 Germany, Austria 80 €
1 Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands 120 €
2 Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Spain 150 €
3 United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland 180 €
4 Poland 200 €

You can find more information on this in our general terms and conditions.


You can find the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding delivery here.