This is rEal Sports



You enjoy the highlights. BACKFORCE supports you with the spotlight.

The Gamer-Pulse can be customised with your logo and is rechargeable via USB.

Shoulder Patches

You dominate the game. BACKFORCE carries your awards.

The shoulder patches are exchangeable and can be ordered in the shop. You can re-order them anytime.

Two Mode Armrests

You score at any range. BACKFORCE takes you closer to the action.

With our fold away armrests you can get closer to your desk and don´t bump into the edge of the desk.


You take the win. BACKFORCE makes sure you can enjoy it.

BACKFORCE is one of a few chairs with synchronous mechanic. It ensures that you are leaning back ergonomic, which regular gaming chairs are not capable of.

Dual Core Seat

You play all night long. BACKFORCE takes care of the right support.

The seat consists of two components. A softer foam on the inside so you sit comfortable and a harder foam on the rim, so your hip gets supported and stays in place.


You win the next round. BACKFORCE has your back.

Only the best materials are used in the back as well. The wood has the perfect ergonomic shape and is way better in supporting your back than a steel frame.

Star Base

You show great performance and BACKFORCE gives you the looks.

The chair base is made from high quality aluminium and adds up the support, so you can sit safe.

This is rEal Sports: BACKFORCE ONE

The chair for a new generation of athletes.