BACKFORCE V PLUS: Now available!


We just got better!

Last year, we surprised the gaming scene with the BACKFORCE V: a full-fledged BACKFORCE chair, at a great price of 399,- *. This year, we're giving the chair the same treatment you already know from the BACKFORCE ONE PLUS: the BACKFORCE V PLUS. The result is a chair that, despite its low price of only 499,-*, offers features that would otherwise cost a fortune!


Features that would otherwise cost a fortune!

Compared to the BACKFORCE V, you get the Gamer Pulse LED and Fold Away 5D Armrests. We've also given the PLUSversion an adjustable synchro mechanism that you can lock stepwise. The armrests are also padded, as you already know from the BACKFORCE ONE PLUS. The only difference is that the surface is made of fabric instead of the familiar suede. Matching the cover of the chair! Also included is a height- and depth-adjustable lumbar support and the seat tilt can also be adjusted. Features that usually are only found in much more expensive chairs. And we manufacture the chair in Germany!


Our values

As with all of our chairs, we give a 10-year warranty on the entire chair. The BACKFORCE V PLUS is made of the same eco-friendly materials you already know from the BACKFORCE V. Not only is the chair made from recycled materials, but our production techniques ensure that the cover of the chair, for example, remains fully recyclable despite the honeycomb pattern applied to it.


New colors

With the launch of the BACKFORCE V PLUS, we are also updating the color palettes for all our BACKFORCE V chairs.



Data and facts


Order your BACKFORCE V PLUS today:


*basic model, incl. shipping to Germany

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