Why does every BACKFORCE have a synchronous mechanism?


Why does every BACKFORCE have a synchronous mechanism?

Synchronous mechanism. Anyone who has looked into our chairs has certainly read these words before.

But what is a synchronous mechanism? We will address this and other questions in this blog article.

What is the function of the chair mechanism?

The mechanism is the connecting piece of all important components. It holds the chair column and connects the backrest and seat together. It is also where all the controls, such as the height adjustment, are located. It therefore also determines how you can move on the chair and at best encourages you to move more.

How flexible does a chair have to be?

Your body is designed to move. If you stay in a rigid posture for a long time, your muscles will eventually get tired and, in the worst case, you will develop tension or pain. It also makes it harder for your intervertebral discs to absorb new nutritional fluid. Your discs work like sponges when they are compressed, for example when you sit down, the nutritive fluid is squeezed out. When you are moving, they can draw up new nutritive fluid. If you allow your body to move, you can prevent both. That's why you should take a 5-minute break after every hour or so and move around. Just going to the kitchen to make a cup of tea or coffee is enough. Of course, it's not always possible to get up every time you feel a pinch. That's why every slightly better chair has a mechanism that promotes active sitting - like a synchronous mechanism. In the next sections we will explain what other mechanisms are available and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

What is a permament contact mechanism?

This mechanism is a so-called "asynchronous mechanism". The backrest and seat move separately from each other. When you lean back, only the backrest moves backwards. This makes it possible for you to lean particularly far back. However, it has the side effect that your back slides over the fabric of the backrest. Your back and hips are put under a lot of strain because your body lacks the necessary support. This is also called the "shirt pulling effect".

What is a rocking mechanism?

Similar to a rocking chair, the backrest tilts together with the seat when you press your back against it. It is intended to encourage more dynamic sitting. Since the backrest and seat always remain in the same proportion, your body remains in the same position. This does not have a health-promoting effect. This type of mechanism is therefore fine for visitor or conference chairs. It is not suitable for chairs that will be used for a longer period of time.

What is a synchronous mechanism?

The synchronous mechanism is one of the best (and also most expensive) mechanisms for chairs. When you lean back, the seat and backrest move in a fixed ratio to each other. For example, 2:1 (backrest: 5% tilt, seat: 10% tilt). This has several advantages: The lumbar support follows your back and thus supports you optimally in every position. There is also no "shirt-pulling" effect. Although larger opening angles of the backrest are not possible, it ensures that your body can open up when you lean back, unlike a rocker mechanism. You can recognise a synchronous mechanism by the fact that the seat and backrest are not connected at the sides. If you have a chair with a synchronous mechanism, we recommend that you always leave it "active" and do not use the lock function. This way the mechanism encourages you to change your sitting position more often. When you sit actively, you promote blood circulation, prevent pain and tension and supply your intervertebral discs with new nutritional fluid.

The Autolift synchronous automatic

The Autolift is another form of synchronous mechanism and is often referred to as an automat. It is installed in the BACKFORCE V, for example. With this version, the restoring force adjusts automatically when you sit down on the chair.


At BACKFORCE we make chairs that you can sit on comfortably for a long time. It is therefore clear to us that we can only install a synchronous mechanism in our chairs. It promotes healthy, active sitting and offers many advantages for your body. This is the only way we can promise you a chair that is really suitable for long sessions - regardless of whether you use the chair for the office or want to become the next e-sports professional.

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