Tips and tricks when choosing a gaming chair



Tips and tricks for choosing an (ergonomic) gaming chair

For more than five years, the number and choice of gaming chairs, most of them with a similar "racing seat" look, has been steadily increasing. Especially lately, more and more manufacturers, who previously had nothing to do with gaming, are launching their own models on the market.

Thus, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep an overview of the different features and special characteristics. In order to simplify the choice of the optimal gaming chair for you, we have created a small overview with some tips, tricks and hints below.

Basically, it should be said that, while there are differences in the materials, colors and designs used for chairs with a "racing seat look" - with a few exceptions, the basic construction of the respective chairs is surprisingly identical. In these chairs, tubular steel frames of the backrest and seat are firmly connected to each other. Struts, plates and elastic bands are then attached to the frame on which the seat rests. The disadvantage is that the bands give way over time, and indentations can form in the upholstery in the most stressed areas.

A small number of manufacturers and brands have their roots in office furniture and bring the experience gained there into the development and production of their own gaming chairs. These models are often recognizable by the higher quality and more elaborate production methods, workmanship and features. For example, the construction of these chairs usually consists not of connected steel tubes with straps, but of molded wood panels, on which the upholstery rests. The wooden boards, pressed with steam pressure, adapt to the shape of the upholstery, providing optimal support for the back and also the buttocks. Thus, the padding resistance is ideally padded at every point that comes into contact with your body. Another advantage: this type of construction is much more durable and usually offers very good ergonomics.

Things you should pay attention to:

Your body measurements

Above all, it's important that you pay attention to the maximum height and weight of the gaming chair in question. Every manufacturer of high-quality chairs makes these specifications, and many manufacturers offer options that allow taller or heavier gamers to use a particular model. Basically, the back of your head should be no more than about five centimeters above your headrest and there should be about 3-4 fingers between the edge of the seat and the back of your knee.


The design and appearance should not be the highest priority. Even if they play an increasingly important role. Especially because of the large number of similar gaming chairs, a special and individual design is an attractive unique selling point. Many manufacturers therefore invest a lot of money in a large number of partner editions, which are supposed to stand out from the monotony - but in essence, these are identical to the normal editions. No matter how much you like a design - the chair must not restrict or constrict you at the back or pelvis, which can be quite the case with some chairs in racing seat - optics!
In addition to the modern design of the BACKFORCE ONE and the customizable LED brooch on the back, you can also customize the shoulder patches to your taste and thus give your gaming chair a personal touch.

Workmanship, quality and durability

The materials used, workmanship and quality also play an important role: after all, we all want to get as much and as long as possible out of our gaming chair. Often, you can recognize a cheap gaming chair at first glance, without having to know the price: The upper material consists of inexpensive material mixes and also the base from less durable plastic.

Only very few manufacturers produce in Germany and thus carry the "Made in Germany" seal - including BACKFORCE. Moreover, BACKFORCE is the only manufacturer whose products have a 10-year warranty.

Rocking mechanism and synchronous mechanism - what's the difference?

Another important component of all gaming chairs is the mechanics of the chair. Here, a distinction is usually made between the rocker mechanism and the synchronized mechanism.

The rocking mechanism, which can be locked in stages, allows you to move towards and away from the desk. Rocking improves circulation to your spine and back muscles. The problem here is that your back is not protected from poor posture with this mechanism, as the backrest and seat are tightly linked.

An ergonomic and high-quality alternative to the rocker mechanism is the synchronous mechanism. Here, the backrest and seat surface move synchronously with each other. This means that the backrest tilts more than the seat surface. This changes the angle between the lower and upper body in a ratio of 3:1 or 2:1. This relieves the strain on your back, provides optimum support in every sitting posture and position, and prevents incorrect posture.

Important tip when buying a gaming chair

You should be sure that the chair is the right one or at least that it can be exchanged without any problems. In no case should you order a gaming chair that you have never sat on or that is difficult to exchange, which can be the case especially with low-cost manufacturers.

In our FAQs you can find opportunities to try out the BACKFORCE ONE/ BACKFORCE ONE PLUS. If, contrary to expectations, you are not satisfied with your BACKFORCE, you can of course return it within 14 days.

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