The best gaming chair turns two


Backforce One with Birthday Cake

Backforce celebrates its second birthday

A little over two years ago, in September 2019, the first Backforce One was sold. Since then, more and more (e-)athletes, gamers and content creators choose a Backforce One. In total, thousands of fans have already chosen a Backforce One in these years! Likewise, more and more professional (e-)sports teams and clubs rely on the Backforce One. Right at the forefront: BIG - Berlin International Gaming Clan, which has already been able to celebrate a multitude of successes on the Backforce One.

For us, this is reason enough to take a look at the special features of the Backforce One and show what makes it the best German gaming chair.

What makes the Backforce One the best gaming chair?

Made in Germany, sustainably manufactured by Interstuhl, a German office furniture manufacturer, with almost 60 years of expertise in office furniture.

Interstuhl stands for ergonomics, quality and German craftsmanship, guaranteeing consistent, high-quality workmanship every time, optimal ergonomics for long sessions and a seating experience that is second to none. This makes Backforce one of the few manufacturers that produce exclusively in Germany and whose individual parts, if not in Germany, then at least only within the European Union. This way we can guarantee and combine high quality and sociological as well as ecological sustainability: we also use exclusively CFC-free and completely recyclable foams for Backforce. In this way, Backforce also protects the environment: individual parts do not have to be sent halfway around the world. For more information on sustainability: https://www.interstuhl.com/I/de-de/nachhaltigkeit.php

More ergonomics and better sitting thanks to the synchronous mechanism, which is unique in this price range.

The share of gaming chairs with synchronous mechanism is very manageable, which is due to higher production costs on the one hand and higher production costs on the other hand. However, the advantages are clear: a traditional rocking mechanism works a bit like a rocking chair: the backrest and seat are firmly connected to each other. This means that the backrest always has the same angle to the seat surface - even when leaning back. Only the entire unit rocks, which has no advantages for you.
The synchronous mechanism, on the other hand, is already an integral part of all high-quality office swivel chairs. When leaning back, the seat surface follows the tilt of the backrest - usually in a 2:1 ratio. This means that the seat surface tilts less than the backrest. This has several advantages: The spine and lordosis are always optimally supported and relieved, and it also encourages users to change their sitting position, which in turn promotes healthier sitting.

Years of enjoyment with the Backforce One thanks to high-quality materials

When it comes to the materials used, we attach great importance to sustainability and quality of materials and workmanship. The Backforce One is covered with high-quality fabric and imitation leather. Thus, the Backforce One has an appealing leather look, which at the same time also offers very breathable. The Alcantara imitation is used in the places where breathability is particularly important. A high-quality PU cover is used in the other areas.

Optimal support with Backforce - not only for the back.

Long gaming sessions, long days at work or simply sitting relaxed at the PC, the breathable seat cushion made of multi-zone foam ensures the Backforce provides support and comfort: the inner area with soft foam ensures seating comfort, while the hard foam at the edge provides optimum support - without any tubular steel frame!

Armrests - finally also foldable!

It's often the little things that show that a manufacturer puts thought into the features of their own product. The armrests of the Backforce are foldable and allow anyone to sit on the chair the way they want. Cross-legged on the Backforce? No problem!

Appearances matter

Functionality and ergonomics aren't everything - because the design of a gaming chair should also be appealing. After all, this is an important part of any setup! Especially when you're away from the computer, the chair is one of the most visible parts of the setup.
This is also one of the reasons why the Backforce doesn't have an 0815 - "racing look" design like normal gaming chairs: due to the curved shape and ventilation slits in the respective chair color, the backrest looks like an exoskeleton, which in combination with further accents in chair color, the aluminum base in a modern and appealing look results in an optimally coordinated and futuristic overall design.

Set individual accents - with your own shoulder patches and LED brooch

Optimal ergonomics and appealing design are not all that the Backforce offers. Parts of the chair, namely the LED brooch on the backrest and the patches on the shoulders, can be individualized and replaced. This allows the Backforce to be further customized to the individual user. Change of team, change of nick, change of ownership or just a change of scenery? With the shoulder patches and LED brooch, a small thing!

Everyone should be aware that not all gaming chairs are the same. The selection is now far too large for that. However, there are some factors to consider when choosing your next gaming chair. It's also clear that the right gaming chair has a big impact on your performance - whether you're gaming or working.

We hope we were able to give you a little overview of the benefits of the Backforce One! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our social media channels.

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